Medical and Surgical Treatments 
for Skin Cancer and Other Ailments

Get Treated for Skin Conditions in a Friendly and Comfortable Environment

Skin care

Confirm Healthy Skin

Many of us are suffering from 
skin diseases that can be cured with the right skin-care treatment. Get your skin diagnosed by Dr. Tom McGee at McGee Dermatology Clinic. 
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Skin cancer treatment

  Beat Skin Cancer

Having a possible skin cancer is cause for concern. Allow Doctor McGee to diagnose and treat your skin lesions, pre-cancers and cancers with expertise and sensitivity .

Do not delay to address your concerns. Contact us today!
Our Skin Cancer Treatment

Quality Skin Treatments

Depend on us for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the skin. We provide progressive treatments for all skin disorders. 

From skin rashes to scabies, we can treat them all. For your convenience, we're located in Franklin and Murphy.
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